Our Mission

The purpose of the Children’s Learning Center is to provide quality care and education for children.

The philosophy of the Center is to help children develop positive self images.  High emphasis is placed on the emotional security of the children, and much personal attention is given to the children in order that they know they are loved and valued as individuals.  Since the children spend about nine hours a day at the Center, such security is especially important.  We believe the children’s innate curiosity can lead them to discover new areas of cognitive ability, motor development, creative expression, and social awareness. To these ends, the school provides a rich array of stimulating possibilities to arouse the children’s interest – field trips, walks, books, art materials, audio visual equipment, computers, musical instruments, “raw material,” other children for friends, and qualified staff to guide and assist the children toward these goals.

Through this philosophy, we hope to work toward certain goals and encourage the children:

  • To develop their own potential abilities
  • To learn to care for themselves, their bodily needs and the things around them
  • To develop their ability to verbalize emotions and experiences
  • To learn to enjoy the company of peers and adults
  • To complete activities according to individual ability
  • To develop listening skills
  • To function in a daily routine with self-control and independence
  • To do for themselves what they can
  • To begin to develop these skills

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