Our Staff

Staff positions and responsibilities are listed below. All employees are first-aid trained, meet KDHE requirements, receive in-service training, screened by the KBI upon employment and annually thereafter.

Executive Director

Holly Turner, Executive Director started as Program Director in 1993 and took over the Executive Director position in 1998.  Holly has an MS in Education, with Certification in Early Childhood Special Education.  She has 32 years of experience in early childhood education.  As Executive Director, she is responsible for the overall operation of Children’s Learning Center. 


Full-time lead teachers in most programs have at least a bachelor’s degree or Associates in child development, early childhood education, elementary education or a Child Development Associate. Care is taken to select teachers who are qualified to plan and direct activities and experiences which meet the cognitive, physical and social needs of young children.

Children’s Learning Center teachers work to plan daily learning activities and experiences that encourage creative expression, stimulate learning and promote a warm and flexible climate for children. Children’s Learning Center teachers have knowledge of developmental needs of children and plan their programs to meet the children’s needs.

Teacher Aide

The main responsibility of the teacher’s aide is to assist  teachers as directed.  Each aide is responsible to the teacher in the classroom in which he or she is working. Individuals who have experience working with children are selected. Aides are first-aid trained, meet KDHE requirements, receive in-service training and are supervised by the classroom teacher and Children’s Learning Center Program Director.


CLC is very fortunate to receive multiple volunteers each semester. Many are fulfilling requirements for KU courses. Others simply volunteer for their own fun! Volunteers are first-aid trained, meet KDHE requirements and receive in-service training. While most of our volunteers are KU students, we welcome involvement from members of the Lawrence community and Children’s Learning Center families.

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