The infant room consists of one room of six from the ages of two weeks to twelve months.  Children move to the toddler room when they are developmentally ready.  The teacher/child ratio is 1:3 with one full-time teacher, and part-time aides.  The children use toys and educational materials to enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Close supervision and attention is paid to the infants’ hygiene and safety.  Diapers are checked or changed frequently.  A daily record is kept of each child’s naps, feeding, diaper changes and outside time.  This record helps to establish continuity between the home and the Center.

Parents are responsible for providing diapers, wipes and in some instances formula.  Mothers are welcome to breast feed their babies at the Center.  Babies are held during bottle feeding unless the child is old enough and shows the desire to hold the bottle himself/herself.  Each child has his/her own crib with laundry provided by the Center.

We recognize the importance of developing a trust between the care-giver and the children as well as providing a stimulating curriculum.  Babies learn new skills so quickly. Small motor, large motor, social, language, and individual developmental activities are conducted throughout the day.

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