“Children’s Learning Center was so much more than just ‘daycare’ to our family. We always referred to it as ‘school’ because our daughter got so much more than just excellent care there. By the time she was five, she could recite the alphabet, do simple math and was even reading! In addition, she had valuable social skills, knew how to behave in a classroom setting, and had confidence in herself. All of those factors made her transition into Kindergarten very easy and she continues to grow and learn based on the basic skills she gained at CLC. Another great asset of CLC is that their teachers are not just skilled, they are hands-on, loving educators. We knew we could always go to them with any concerns, or just talk to them as parents and get honest and compassionate advice and feedback. That is equally true for the administrators and staff. Great care is taken to keep parents informed and involved, and a lot of work goes into keeping CLC efficient and moving forward in all ways. We feel so fortunate to have found Children’s Learning Center and will always consider it one of the main reasons for our daughter’s educational success!”

– The Hazelitt Family

“The McLenon family joined the CLC family almost 4 years ago when my son entered the Pre-K program. My daughter has been at the center for a little over 2 years now and is learning so much. The teachers have been so warm and kind and very knowledgeable in both child development and education. We have enjoyed CLC so much that I have held a position on the Executive Board for three years running. We have truly enjoyed our time at CLC :)”

– Michelle, Casey, Aidan, and Adyson McLenon

“I have had the opportunity to have my two children involved with CLC. One started when she was 3 years and the other started when she was just an infant. The infant program provided warmth, love, safety, and care while encouraging growth and safe exploration. Communication was always present and open. During the preschool years, both my children were appropriately challenged to learn basic skills to prepare them for kindergarten.  Teachers were educated and prepared lessons daily that enhanced learning. My girls loved the various learning centers that were offered. Our access to the CLC library was also a hit with the convenience of being on site. My children also developed close relationships with staff and peers that still last today.”

– Julie Heatwole

“Monte started at Children’s Learning Center when he was about 14 months old. Our experience at CLC has been nothing but positive. We have loved every single teacher and the assistants. They are very friendly and have made our child feel very comfortable.

At the beginning when Monte started at CLC, he was not used to the food outside of our ethnic food, CLC was very accommodating in accepting our food from home and feeding our son, until he got used to food. He loved the food at CLC so much , that one day he came home and said, ‘Mommy, you know Barbara the cooker, makes the best red soup ever and ever’. Everybody loves the food that Barbara ‘the cooker’ makes.

Monte has always felt very comfortable with the teachers at CLC despite of his shy personality, the teachers have been very professional, caring, approachable and understanding. The office staff at CLC and the director have been very nice, caring and very organized. We have always appreciated the fact that if there were any concerns or questions, they have always been addressed timely and professionally.

CLC has been like a second home for our son, Monte, who just graduated from CLC and started Kindergarten. It has been almost two weeks and he still asks me, ‘Mommy are you sure that CLC does not have kindergarten?’

He has learned so much about such a variety of subjects that we have been amazed, to a point that he observed the wrong number of claws of a toy at a dinosaur store.

As a parent of first and only child our expectations from a daycare/preschool have always been high and CLC has definitely met and gone beyond. Our experience has been the best of the best, and we would always recommend CLC to any parent.”

– Adrineh Mehdkhani

Our son has been at CLC since he was two years old, making some great teacher-student bonds along the way.  He is now five, and attends half-day kindergarten with the support of CLC still in the afternoons.  We feel that CLC has pretty much set the bar high with a precedent for engaged, caring educator interaction (and genuine interest in our son’s learning), as we launch into elementary school years.  We are most appreciative of CLC’s investment in someone so important to us.  Also, there hasn’t been one time in all these years of morning drop-off’s and afternoon pick-up’s where a teacher or staff person at CLC has ever rushed us.  In fact, they always take the time to ask how we’re doing.  The energy is positive!  Everyone has always been kind, patient and ready with a word of encouragement or helpful information.  Thanks a million!

– The Glenns

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